Do Air Fryers Use Oil to create that fried food effect that everyone loves so much?

It’s no secret that air fryers have revolutionized the way we cook! Within minutes, everything from eggs to cake to meatloaf to green beans all come out tender, crisp, and absolutely delicious. Less oil means less fat without sacrificing flavor, so what’s not to love? Get restaurant-worthy results in minutes with nearly zero cleanup when you fry food in the air fryer.

Air Fryer with three types of oil in front of it

Do Air Fryers Use Oil

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Do Air Fryers Use Oil?

There’s no hard rule that states air fryers require oil in order to produce fully cooked, crispy foods. The ‘Maillard Effect’ is the process of circulating super-hot air around food to seal the outside while cooking the inside and keeping it tender and juicy. A gentle spritz of oil will add extra crunch to the outer coating of foods but is not necessary for most foods like baked goods and vegetables.

How Much Oil Do They Use?

Depending on the food a little bit of oil (plain or seasoned) will give the exterior an extra crispy crunch, like with ready-made foods like frozen chicken wings or French fries.

A bit of oil also helps seasonings stick to the outside of the food as well. When in doubt, start with the bare minimum and add more, if desired.

Best Kinds of Oil for an Air Fryer

The best kinds of oil will have a high ‘smoke point’ which means they can withstand the uber-high temps an air fryer reaches without burning. Olive oil is the most common, but spray oils like avocado, coconut, and vegetable oil are convenient and will work perfectly.

Best Foods for Air Frying

Air frying is a nearly foolproof way to prepare food in minutes, and even beginners can be experts in no time! Check out these air fryer recipes to get started!

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Air Fryer with two types of oil in front of it with a title

Top image - Cosori Air Fryer. Bottom image - Air Fryer with 3 bottles of oil in front of it with a title
Air fryer with bottles of oil in front of it with a title



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