Side Dishes

Here at Everything Air Fryer side dishes are made just a little easier and quicker with the help of our favorite small kitchen appliances!

So fire up that air fryer and try something new like these potato wedges, zucchini fries, or breaded eggplant slices.

Best Side Dish Recipes

The side dish may be the sidekick to the main meal, but the show would not be the same without it!  Whether from fresh or frozen vegetables, side dishes add color, a variety of flavors, and so much more.

What would those burgers, and chicken dishes, be without some homemade french fries, or a simple dish of air fryer mushrooms and asparagus.

Side dishes are also the most requested plate for guests to bring to potlucks, BBQs, picnics, or family gatherings. There are plenty of easy ideas here that are sure to impress, like prosciutto-wrapped asparagus or buffalo cauliflower.

Tips for Picking the Best Side Dishes

Remember when choosing a side dish to think of the main dish.

For heartier and cheesier main dishes, choose a side that is light and healthy like Mexican corn (Elote).

For lighter main meals, choose something that will help to fill out the meal like scalloped potatoes, or cheesy garlic cauliflower.

Timing is important for side dishes too. They usually take a little less time than the main dish and are even quicker with the air fryer. So try to have everything prepped and ready to be cooked. We also love picking side dishes that can be made in different kitchen appliances to be ready to enjoy at the same time!

If they are ready before everything else, place them in the warming drawer of the oven (if it has that option), or cover them with aluminum foil, and keep them in the oven with the light on.

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