A party would be a dull affair if it were not for the best appetizer recipes, from the simple roasted snap peas to delicious stuffed mushrooms.  And nothing makes the task of preparing appetizers easier than the best collection of recipes and a couple of handy appliances like the air fryer, the blender, or the instant pot.

Best Appetizers for a Crowd

Some of the best appetizers for a crowd are so easy to make no matter the occasion, whether it be a large bridal shower, a holiday meal, or a small summer gathering of friends.

Recipes like these sweet potato wedges or these prosciutto-wrapped asparagus are filling and dainty enough to serve at any party.  And we can’t forget about the big game day. A plate of Tex Mex egg rolls, and buffalo wings are sure to keep those game watchers happy whether the game is won or lost.

Party Appetizer Spreads

When it comes to a party if serving them before the meal try to stay to a similar theme. Avoid serving heavy appetizers before heavy meals or light ones for light meals. We also love to use appliances when it comes to appetizer prep! They free up space (and time), in the oven or on the stove for dinner preparation.

For the perfect appetizer spread, planning is essential. Some are served cold and require time to ‘chill” in the refrigerator before being presented to the crowd, others are so delicious served hot like some coconut shrimp or bacon wrapped brussels sprouts.  A lot of appetizers can be made ahead and heated up just before the guests arrive, and an appliance like the air fryer can make quick and short work of it indeed!

So delve into this collection of recipes, plan well, and have time to sit down and enjoy the company of friends and family while eating some delicious food!

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