Main Course

The main course, or entrée, is the crowning glory of the meal. It is the main part of the meal, whether it is pork, beef, chicken, or even vegetarian.

All other parts of the meal from appetizers to desserts, and everything in between revolves around this main dish.

Best Main Course Recipes

When the guests are on their way over for a party, or the family is going to settle in for a holiday meal, look to Everything Air Fryer for some great entrées.

Stuffed chicken breasts, sweet bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, or roast chicken are impressive dinner ideas.

The joy of the air fryer and other appliances like the Instant pot and the Crock-Pot, is that they make the task of making food quick, easy, and healthy. They also free up the oven and your time to make salads and side dishes instead.

So whether dinner is going to be a Mexican-themed party with fajitas as the main dish, a fast family meal of LA street dogs, or chicken legs in a basket, the Air Fryer will make it happen.

Choose from the best recipes and the main dish is sure to shine.

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