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A few easy air fryer tips are all that is needed to get started with this handy appliance. There are also great tips for other appliances like the air fryer, the crockpot, and the instant pot. These will help beginners get started on their way to fast, and delicious dishes.

Best Appliance Tips and Tricks

A few basic tips in the kitchen, especially with small appliances, can make a difference in a meal.

Air Fryer Tips

Not crowding food in the air fryer, or even a deep fryer, will make sure that those chicken tenders turn out crispy every time.

Preheating the air fryer, and spraying the food down with a little oil will make those buffalo wings a success.

Shake or flip the food partway through the cooking time.

Add a little water for greasy foods like bacon to prevent smoking and burning.

Instant Pot Tips The instant pot is also not without its slight nuances.

For every dish remember to take into account the time it takes for the pot to heat up, and the natural and manual release times. This will make sure that those hard boiled eggs are cooked just right for that egg salad.

Always make sure there is a little water, and store the pot with the lid loosely covering it.

Blender Tips The blender is a simple and common appliance great for making soups and smoothies. But when that cheesy potato soup is being blended there are few things to remember.

Don’t overfill, blend in batches, let it cool down a bit, and vent if the option is available.

Some of the same principles apply to immersion blenders. Keep it immersed in the food to keep it from splattering, start slow and then turn up the speed.

Crockpot Tips And last but not least we cannot fail to mention the tried and true crockpot.

This appliance is best with cheaper cuts of meat.

Remember to add dairy near the end of the cooking time and above all don’t peek. This will release the heat needed for the cooking process.

So with this little cheat sheet of tips and tricks, even the novice cook can make the simplest recipe turn out fantastic!

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