Create a Flat Pan and Cover in a Vortex Air Fryer

I found the need for a flat pan in my Vortex Air Fryer many times. Cookies are almost impossible to make without a soild pan.

In the past, I have covered the racks in tin foil. It works but I felt like there was a better option. Also since the Vortex cooks fast I found the need for a cover. This one little thing I made serves BOTH purposes!

I had a set of these lying around so I used what I had. I cut one to fit the rack and it works perfectly!

Looks like the smaller one in this set would almost fit!


If you are cutting one down, sit the pan on the liner rack side up. Trace around the bottom and then cut right inside the line and you should have an almost perfect fit!

If you want to use this as a cover make sure there is a rack above the cover or it will float up to the fan. Trust me!


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    1. Parchment paper won’t really work. The fan will make it fly around of it isn’t really weighted down.

    1. It’s a silicone pan liner. I bought these for cookie sheets years ago and never really used them. They work great for this!

      You can get them at local stores and on Amazon. The ones I used looked like these.