Whether it is a slow Saturday or a hectic toast-grabbing weekday morning, easy breakfast recipes are the best way to start the day.

And what makes it easier than handy appliances like the air fryer, waffle maker, Instant Pot, or crock pot. Putting these appliances to work in the morning makes that peaceful weekend morning last a little longer, and that mad rush less hectic.

Best Breakfast Recipes

For those busy mornings, simple breakfasts like this toad in the hole recipe are so easy even the kids can make them. Or cook some air fryer bacon with some microwave scrambled eggs for a fast and filling breakfast.

For a slower-paced morning pull out the waffle maker and try some homemade cinnamon roll waffles, use the air fryer to make a breakfast pizza with a biscuit crust, or make a breakfast casserole with some breakfast sausage. Finish it off with a berry smoothie and the weekend is ready to begin!

Tips for Quick & Easy Mornings

But really the secret to a smooth morning is some planning and a few helpful tips and tricks.

  • Have the ingredients on hand ready to go
  • Get the kids to help when they can
  • And of course, get up earlier…well maybe just have the ingredients ready to go and stay in bed a little longer!

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