The best dessert recipes are those that are easy to make and still decadently delicious. Because who wants to wait for dessert?

Small kitchen appliances like the air fryer, the crockpot, and the instant pot, are helpful tools for making the best dessert recipes that are easy and soothingly sweet, like the ones found here!

Must-Have Dessert Recipes

The aroma of warm and fresh chocolate chip cookies or donuts being baked is sure to draw the family to the kitchen. Dessert is the last thing that guests may eat when they are over for a meal. So make a lasting impression with something like these simple mini pumpkin cheesecakes or fried Oreos.

Nor can we forget the holiday meals and gatherings, where desserts are sure to be found. From the fruit-laden pies at Thanksgiving dinner to St. Patrick’s Day cookies and all the holidays in between.

There are so many must-have dessert recipes. But truly, the best desserts are those that are quick and easy to make and have guests and family asking for seconds! These are sure to be found here at Everything Air Fryer!

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