Salads & Sandwiches

When it comes to salads and sandwiches, the air fryer might not be your first thought. But it is a useful tool for making some of the best salads and filling sandwich recipes!

Best Salad Mix-Ins

A lovely summer salad recipe with fresh lettuce is not alone in that bowl!

Throw in a few air fryer roasted nuts, croutons, some chicken breasts, and all the other delicious additions like corn, and air fryer bacon. Now that homemade salad becomes a medley of hard-to-resist flavors!

Favorite Sandwich Recipes

Then there are all those other creamy and filling salads. These are turned into quick and easy sandwich recipes with the help of appliances like the instant pot or the air fryer.

Egg salad used for making that classic sandwich is made easier with Instant Pot or air fryer hard-boiled eggs.

Chicken salad comes out gourmet-quality every time with the help of the Instant Pot. Try serving in lettuce wraps, in a sandwich, or on top of your favorite salad!

So put that air fryer to work and make the best salad and sandwich recipes possible.

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