Kid Friendly Recipes

If the search is on for some kid-friendly recipes with simple ingredients that are easy to make, then look no further than here at Everything Air Fryer and more.

This site has the best recipe ideas that make use of all those appliances in the kitchen from the air fryer, to the microwave, to the crockpot.

Tips for Cooking For Kids

For those kids who are picky eaters, there are a couple of solutions: make it simple, make it healthy, and try various recipes. Eventually, they will settle on the ones they love.

And if all else fails, nothing will make them feel more important than making their first full meal for the family, whether that be a breakfast of toads in the hole, or a dinner of air fryer frozen turkey burgers.  And luckily enough small appliances like the air fryer, the microwave, and the instant pot make this easier and safer for these novices in the kitchen. Just remember that they will still need some supervision.

Life can be busy, but that doesn’t mean a good, flavorful meal is not possible. The air fryer will have a main course like chicken tenders ready in no time, and the instant pot can make a quick bolognese sauce for spaghetti night! And for the baby don’t hesitate to use that blender to make all kinds of pureed meals that they can eat.

So whether it be dinner, dessert, a quick snack, breakfast, or lunch, this site has you covered for fast family-friendly dishes.

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