There is something special about a humble and comforting bowl of soup, whether it be a creamy crockpot butternut squash soup or the classic homemade chicken noodle.

Some of the best soup recipes are made with the help of a handy small kitchen appliance.

The stove makes great soup, but appliances like the instant pot and the slow cooker make the best soup recipes easy, healthy, and quick.

And we can’t forget appliances like the blender or immersion blender, which blend soups, like this cheesy potato soup, into creamy smooth bowls of flavor.

On those cold days when the wind is knocking at the door, soup warms the hands and the soul. Add a little dipping bread, crackers, or noodles to a steak potato, and mushroom soup for a complete meal. Or make an instant pot Italian vegetable meatball soup as a meal unto itself.

How to Store Leftover Soup

And nothing beats leftovers, even with soup. Clear broth soups will freeze well. Those with cream as an ingredient, don’t freeze well and should be eaten within a few days. But even the next day, with a little reheating on the stove or in the microwave, soup is good for lunch, dinner, or a side dish.

Soup is a simple meal, but it packs a punch of some of the best flavors. Small appliances make this process so easy and quick.

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