It’s rare to find a kitchen that doesn’t have a microwave oven in it! For decades, microwave ovens have been the workhorses of the modern kitchen because they can do everything from heating, reheating, and defrosting foods more efficiently than other appliances!

Microwaves work by generating (totally safe!) electromagnetic waves that cook food from the inside out. For super busy families, microwaves are one of the best appliances that save time, electricity, and clean-up!

From desserts to dinners, even kids can safely prepare their own food in the microwave with no fuss or mess. And what could be better than that!

Best Microwave Meals

These tasty microwave meals are ready in minutes with minimal prep or clean-up!

  • For a quick and easy breakfast, make this simple recipe for light and fluffy eggs in the microwave.
  • Need a breakfast that healthy and perfectly portable? Try these low-carb breakfast sandwiches.
  • Or while the steaks are on the grill, the microwave makes easy, hot, and fluffy baked potatoes. Ready in minutes, instead of the hour cook time they would normally take in the oven!


Microwaves are also great for making roasted garlic, de-crystallizing honey when it’s solidified, or warming up citrus fruits. Once slightly heated you can extract the maximum amount of juice from them!

But they are also great for more than just cooking! Sanitize kitchen sponges, wooden spoons, and cutting boards by spritzing them with a little lemon juice and heating them up for a minute or two. It’s as easy as that!

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