Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t love a crispy, golden brown, fluffy waffle hot from the waffle maker? From all makes and models, waffle makers have been around as long as blenders! But they can do so much more!

More Than Just Waffles!

Waffle makers are for more than just classic waffles now a days! Check out these delicious recipes and put your waffle maker to good use!

  • Make super easy, homemade waffles with a can of ready-made cinnamon rolls, that are already prepped and seasoned with cinnamon sugar!
  • For a light summer supper, make savory cheesy waffles and serve them with a light salad.
  • Use two slices of sandwich bread and make homemade paninis with slices of cheese and meat.
  • Mini waffle makers are all gaining in popularity for individual ‘chaffles’ which are high protein waffles that low-carb lovers use to supercharge their day.

Easy Clean-Up Tips

Always wait until your waffle maker is cool before cleaning it. Keeping the heating element and coils around the hinges dry is important to prevent them from shorting out or rusting.

The best way to clean a waffle maker is to fold up clean paper towels and brush them between the indentations until any grease or crumbs are removed.

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