Sous Vide

Don’t be put off by the term ‘sous vide.’ It’s actually a very easy method of getting the best results out of foods by cooking them in a vacuum-sealed bag that’s placed in a temperature-controlled water bath. The result is a perfectly prepared recipe that’s tender, juicy, and full of flavor!

Sous vide makes tougher and denser foods like certain cuts of meat and dense veggies like carrots and potatoes cook up quickly and tender, with the seasonings infused into the foods.

Cooking eggs using the this method is popular with restaurant chefs because it delivers the ideal consistency and texture without watering down the eggs. Starbucks ‘sous vide egg bites’ anyone?

How to Use a Sous Vide Machine

Sous vide machines simply heat and keep water at a consistent temperature to cook foods that are sealed in plastic. It does not boil the water or dilute the flavors that are already in the sealed bags.

Tips to Sous Vide Everything

  • For the best results, ensure the foods to be cooked are sealed in quality freezer bags that won’t leak.
  • Shorten cook time by filling the pot with hot water.
  • Make sure the food to be cooked is entirely submerged to guarantee even cooking. This means a perfectly air-tight bag and using a trivet or weigh if necessary to hold it in the water.
  • Reheat leftovers in a saucepan on the stove, a crockpot, or a microwave.

It’s an easy, flavorful, and temp-controlled way to cook food and is well worth the investment!

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